Weekly Wrap-Up #15

Monday, February 1, 2021

Happy Monday friends!! And happy February 1st!! I hope that you all had a great and relaxing weekend!! We sure did!! I'm recapping my week today and, as always, I'm linking up with Heather for Hello Monday!!

I also just wanted to acknowledge that the blog is looking a little bit different today!! Over the weekend I completely changed my blog design and I am really liking the way it turned out!! I have a new header, colors, layout...It's all very new and different but I hope you like it!! I'm still figuring a few things out so you might see some more changes in the future!!

Now onto the weekly wrap-up...

Saturday morning we had (our favorite!!) waffles!! Please excuse any bad smiles from Huddy in this post...He does not like to cooperate for pictures!! But I mean, I was the same way when I was eight😂 Some things never change. 

Then we got off our booties and headed out on a walk!! I have realized that while I love sleeping in on Saturdays, I can't!! I need to be up and moving before 8:30 or else I'll want to lay in bed all. day. long.

Our neighborhood recently put in a walking trail so we tested that out!! We thought it was nice, but it was muddy, so we'll have to try it again when it's less wet!!

A great way to start off the day!!

After our walk, I headed to my desk to get a little bit of blog work done!!

Huddy and my dad headed out, and my mom and I did the same!! We went to Southern Homes and Gardens, and Walmart for some odds and ends!!

Once we came back from our shopping adventure, I showered up, and then my mom and I started watching Harry Potter!!

Ollie was super into it!!

Then we had to go pick Anna up...Ollie wanted to come😉

Once Anna came back, we sat around and just talked!! We watched some HGTV and then learned that Huddy got a deer!! It was his first one so he was very, very excited!!

Then I made these peanut butter, chocolate balls...They didn't turn out very good :( You lose some and you...

Win some!! Pita bread pizzas? YUM!!

Then we ended off the night by watching some of the Hunger Games!!

Sunday morning rolled around and Huddy still had the same smile😔 He tried the peanut butter-chocolate balls, and said they weren't that bad...I disagree :(

You can't see it, but I went for a one-mile run!! My first one since August!! It was...okay. I think I've come to terms that for right now, running isn't really my thing. Maybe I'll try to run one mile a week and see where that takes me.

I came back, grabbed some lunch, and then Huddy got ready for his practice!! He looks so grown!! 😫

Once everyone else left, I found my place in bed with my book and Ollie!!

Once everyone else came back, we really didn't do too much!! Some reading, some TV, the basic Sunday night things. 

We ate dinner and then ended off the night, once again, by watching the Hunger Games.

Then Monday rolled around...Unfortunately.

I feel you Huddy.

I spent all morning stuck at my desk and then...

I went to walk Cricket!! She had just been groomed so she had a cute little bow in!! How sweet!!

Then my grandparents paided us a visit, and they brought us CHICK-FIL-A!! Ahhh!! A great Monday pick-me-up!!

No one was complaining ;)

After lunch, this was my view for the next few hours before...

Going on a golf cart ride with Anna, Huddy, and Vivi!!

Who knows what's going on here😂

It was very nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine!!

And this is the last photo I have. We had dinner, and then I spent the rest of the night reading!!

I started my Tuesday morning with a quick workout!!

I showered off the sweat and headed onto zoom!! A ministry group in my town started doing 21 days of prayer this week. It's a little worship, a little prayer, and a little Jesus. A great way to start off the day!! It's at 6 am, and there's no obligation to turn on your camera!! Perfect for me!!

After that, it was time to get to work for the day!! Ollie wanted to join in on all the fun ;)

I worked for a while and then it was time to walk Cricket!!

And then I didn't get another picture until evening - oops!! Anna, Vivi, and I went on a golf cart ride and then I spent the rest of the day catching up on school and reading!!

Then it was dinner time...oh boys.

Afterward, it was babysitting time!!

These dogs make any day exciting. 

Starting my Wednesday with a workout and...

21 days of prayer!!

I got ready and worked for a bit and then it was test time!! I passed!! 

I came downstairs for breakfast and caught Huddy getting started on his school!!

Then it was work time...And I forgot to take pictures #bloggerfail

I went for a walk and it was so dreary!! I hate these yucky winter days...Give me some sun!!

Came back and caught Huddy in the mud. Oh, boy.

I also caught these two girls jamming out to some karaoke!!

Then we had dinner, and I parked myself in bed for the rest of the night!! I was tired!! Huddy came to visit me with his dinosaur😊

My ideal way to spend a Wednesday evening. 

I actually didn't workout on Wednesday...I tried yoga!! And I learned that it's not for me. I'm too impatient and quit after 7 minutes😂

21 days of prayer!!

I came downstairs and caught Huddy reading!! Ahh!! This makes my bookworm heart sooooo happy!!

I didn't have a ton of work on Thursday so Anna, Huddy, and I went on a golf cart ride after lunch!!

We came back and I laid with Ollie while I did some blog work before...

Walking him!! 

It was a much prettier day!!

I had to take a piece of furniture to a neighbor on the golf cart and it was so pretty!!


Once again, I spent the rest of the evening in bed. With Ollie. This dog makes me so lazy!!

Well, friends, that was my week!! I'm stopping on Thursday because next Monday, I will be recapping our day in Birmingham!! Thank you so much for stopping by today, and I will see you again tomorrow for my January in review!!


  1. Looks like a productive week. :) I'm with you I don't like yoga either. I've tried a few times and I just can't get into it. I need heart pumping cardio or weights.

  2. Power walking can be just as effective as running if you want to try that. Poppop and I loved our time with you! Looking forward to bringing lunch again this week! Love you!

  3. Your new headers look great, Ella! Love you!

  4. What a great wrap up! The walking trail looks so great! Love the new design too! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. The blog looks great! Fun weekly wrap up too!

  6. Great post Ella love the new style of your blog!!!

  7. So fun to see your week! I'm impressed that you remember to take so many photos. I'm lucky if I have one from last week, lol.

  8. love you new style!! great post. also agree with you about yoga, and am not that patient

  9. Love your new blog look! I actually prefer yoga or stability ball workouts as I don't really like to sweat at all.

  10. Love the new design! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics of you and your family.