What's Up Wednesday - 2.24.21

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Happy Wednesday!! Whew!! We are already halfway through the week!! Only two more days until Friday!! 

It is time for one of my favorite posts of the month...What's up Wednesday!! I'm linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for this super fun linkup!!

Okay, let's see here. 

I'm not totally sure what we're eating this week, but I'll tell you the basic idea of what we've been eating. 

First of all, we got an air-fryer. And then it broke. Now we have a new one...

It's this one HERE. But, it actually turned out okay because 1) we were able to return it and 2) we didn't really love it. Our original air-fryer was too small and not very practical for our family of 5. Now, this has more space so hopefully, it'll work out better. 

This is a more random thing I've been eating lately, poached eggs!! I've been having poached eggs and toast almost every single morning for breakfast. And the best part...

Yeah. When we went to Birmingham, we picked up the Everything But The Bagel seasoning at Trader Joe's and it's sooooo good!!

As for everything else, not anything too special. Just the normal, easy stuff. Lots of Crockpot meals, spaghetti, leftovers, easy things like that. It's just what works best for our busy family!!
Our weekend!! Anna and I headed up to the lake with my grandparents while Huddy had his 1st baseball tournament of 2021!!

Fun, fun, fun!

I honestly cannot think of anything that I've been loving lately. Well, we're having pretty, sunny weather this week...Does that count? I've REALLY been loving it.

I went to the field with Huddy and my dad this week, and the weather was gorgeous!! Not too hot, not too cold, sunny...Perfect ;)

Ball has started. Do I need to say anything else? Our lazy Saturdays have turned into days at the ball field. Like I mentioned, Huddy had his first tournament this past weekend, and Anna has her first one on Saturday. Sigh. Oh, well.

Besides that, the normal stuff. School, school, and you guessed it, more school. And of course, hanging out with the dogs ;)

Remember when I said that ball was starting up? I might've mentioned it  few times ;) But yeah, I'm not looking forward to long, hot days at the ball field. But at least I have amazing grandparents who let me stay with them 😊

And of course, school. I have a feeling that I'm about to get very busy with school work considering that it's almost spring break and we're nearing the end of the school year. At times like this, I'm SOOOOO happy that I was able to work ahead and get all my tests done. 

Graphics!! And of course, school. My March graphics are either going to come out this Friday or next Friday...Get excited!!

So many things. Summer, spring break, getting to travel again (one day...hopefully)...I'm excited for the world to go back to normal. And I know we've all been saying this for almost a year, but I'm really hopeful that things will turn around soon. 

And like I said, spring break. I'm in desperate need of a week off. Who else? We're going to the lake, and I CAN NOT WAIT to spend all day soaking in the sun and reading. That sounds amazing. This was me 6 years ago on spring break...

Literally, nothing has changed...Haha!! I would carry a stack of books with me EVERYWHERE. 

Here's another one!!


Looking for those pictures, I found this gem that I just have to share...

Alexa, play Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift. Literally. 😥

And this one...


My February book review came out yesterday, so that covers what I've been reading!! Make sure you go check it out if you haven't yet!!

As for what I've been watching? Not much at all. I still haven't seen Always and Forever, Lara Jean all the way through, so I need to get on that ASAP. I haven't been watching Gilmore Girls...So yeah, nothing. However, Huddy, my mom, and I did watch Divergent this past week and I AM SO CONFUSED. WHAT? I could not remember anything from the book, but from what I did remember (Allegiant.....) did not happen!! Now I'm considering rereading the books, but I saw that they came out with a new book so I might try that instead. Supposedly it's about Four...We'll see. I didn't love the books, but I can confirm, the book was better. 

T-Swizzle!! I am currently OBSESSED with Speak Now...This is hard for me to say, but it might be my favorite album. It's the only album where I know literally all the songs. But then again, Read and Fearless are SO good too!! I don't know. But anyway, I've been having Speak Now on repeat...Specifically, Back To December...The acoustic version...Which may or may not be playing as we speak ;)

Just the usual. I talked a little bit about what I've been wearing in a Friday Favorites which you can find here. A lot of pink this month!!

Anna has a tournament and Huddy and I are going up to the lake with my grandparents!! 

Warmer weather!! I'm excited for the sun to be shining every day!! I'm also excited because we'll be closer to summer!! Only 9 weeks left!! 

It'll also mark a year in quarantine which is absolutely crazy. Last spring break all of us had no idea that we'd still be in a pandemic or that we'd lose over 500,000 Americans. Absolutely crazy.

So crazy. 
I think that about covers it all!! Thank you so much for reading and I will see you back here again tomorrow!!


  1. Sunny weather totally counts! I really want an air fryer! Forever & a day ago I asked for, & got, an Instant Pot for Christmas. In hindsight I really wish I had asked for an air fryer instead lol.

    1. We have an Instant Pot too!! We don't use it as much as our CrockPot, but it is still nice to have!!

  2. Thanks for this update! The weather there looks amazing and enjoy the air fryer. My mom loves hers and has been sharing what she is making. We need to start using ours!


  3. Love seeing the sweet pics from the past ❤️! Looking forward to this weekend!

  4. Looks like a good month. Poached eggs are so yummy!! How nice that your grandparents let you stay with them. :)

  5. I think the sunshine is definitely something to love! Hope you have a great rest of the week1 xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  6. I guess everyone is thinking about one year of quarantine. So crazy! Too bad you don't like baseball as much as your siblings! My middle son never goes to his siblings' sports things!

    1. It is!! I know, I think it's because I'm so tired of it...Haha!!

  7. I need to share these good book ideas with my daughter! You read so many in February!! We are counting down the days until spring break too!

  8. I can't wait for spring break either! A week at the lake is calling our name.

  9. That breakfast looks good! You will love the air fryer. We tend to eat lot of quick meals that we can pop in there. Your old pics are so cute!

  10. I am looking forward to sunny weather too. I love Everything but the Bagel seasoning and love putting it on avocado toast. I need to make some poached eggs with it soon!

  11. Loved reading this! We’ve also started ball. Our girl plays soccer so that is life right now ha!

    1. Haha!! My brother does soccer too, but he didn’t get the chance to play this year. I was secretly happy about it 😂

  12. I cannot wait to travel again and that Everything But the Bagel Seasoning is seriously the best <3

    Green Fashionista

  13. I don't use our air fryer much because I feel like it's so hard to cook enough for us all but I do love how food tastes prepared in it.

    1. That was our problem with the other one!! Hopefully this one will work better!! Yes, the food always tastes so good!!

  14. I want those everything bagel seasoning!! I love everything bagels!!!!!

    We have an air fryer and we cook pretty much everything. I wanna try cinnamon rolls!

  15. I really want to get an air fryer. Have heard so many great things you can do with them. And guess what? I have never tried the Everything but the Bagel seasoning but ordered it for the first time and it came this afternoon. Can't wait to try it tomorrow. :)